Run for Rhinos Raises Awareness on Wildlife Protection in Hanoi


Runners at the start of the line with Rocky, the rhino mascot. Photo: ENV

“Run for Rhinos,” a 5 to 10 kilometer run to raise awareness on protecting the species organized by Education for Nature-Vietnam, took place in Hanoi on December 13. Around 500 runners participated including representatives from the U.S., Australian, British, Dutch, and French embassies, corporate teams; local organizations; children and even Rocky the rhino mascot. The run helped spread awareness about the crisis rhinos face as a result of poaching for their horns, which are used in traditional medicine and as status symbols in Vietnam. This was part of the 9th Annual Song Hong Half Marathon and will help reduce demand for rhino horns in a major consumer market – a key component in the USAID-funded ARREST program.