Freeland TV

Freeland TV is a series of short documentaries exposing current international wildlife and human trafficking issues, exploring solutions, and showcasing the strategies which we and our partners are using to address these urgent matters.

Freeland Story

Freeland founder Steve Galster set up Freeland to try and put an end to exploitation of vulnerable people and animals in deprived areas of the world. Freeland combats the direct effects of these exploitation, helping law enforcement agencies capture and confront the criminals involved in animal trafficking and human slavery, as well as address the root cause of these issues, such as poverty, lack of education, and corruption.


Wildlife trafficking is happening all over the world. It can be difficult to identify which species can be legally traded and which can’t, which makes it challenging to stop the illegal trade. WildScan is a mobile species identification and reporting app that makes that job easier for both law enforcement and the public. Follow Freelander Matthew Pritchett as he explains the way that app works and how you can get involved!


Vietnam and the United States teamed up to positively influence millions of Vietnamese by raising public awareness of wildlife crime and the consumption of endangered species, especially rhino horn. 

Fin Free

Serving shark fin soup is still legal in Thailand, but consumption of the soup is damaging the ocean´s ecosystem and promoting cruel shark finning practices. In this episode, see what Freeland and our partners are doing to put an end to this harmful business.

Wildlife Friendly Skies

Every day, thousands of animals are trafficked through airports, from turtles to orangutans. In this episode, witness how wildlife is smuggled through airports, and watch as Matthew Pritchett empowers air staff to take action and stop this illegal trade.

Buy No Rhino: Biking for Rhino Conservation

Follow sisters Vicky and Ness Wiesenmaier as they cycle across Asia spreading awareness about the rhino poaching crisis in their home country of South Africa.

What it’s like to be a Loris

Follow Onkuri Majumdar, director of Freeland India and National Geographic Emerging Explorer, as she visits the wildlife markets and explains the tragic situation for slow lorises being stolen from the wild to become household pets.

Crushing Illegal Ivory

Follow Freeland´s Media Producer and National Geographic Young Explorer, Molly Ferrill, through the first ivory crush to take place in Thai history, and learn about the purpose of these crushes as the trend spreads around the world.

A Call for the Wild: Vietnam’s Wildlife Crime Hotline

Meet our partner organization Education for Nature Vietnam and learn how they have successfully taken part in the arrest of several wildlife criminals by running a hotline allowing people to report wildlife crime.

Bile Bears of Hanoi

Follow Freeland’s Deputy Director Sulma Warne to Hanoi as he uncovers the tragic current situation for bears kept in captivity for the bear bile business.

The Ivory Route – China/Kenya/Thailand

Trace the ivory smuggling route from Africa through Southeast Asia to China and witness the demand that is driving this illegal trade, then follow Steve Galster as he discovers strategies that can be used to help solve this problem. Featuring Chinese actress Wang Luodan.