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Help stop trafficking while you sleep. Book your next hotel through Goodwings.

By using Goodwings as your hotel booking site for your future travels you support Freeland with 5% of the price of all your hotel stays - for free.

How will your money help?

$5 Keeps 1 Ranger on Patrol for 1 day to Stop Poaching of Asian Elephants or Tigers

$30 Provides Protection of 1 Hectare of Tiger Forest for 1 Year

$50 Pays for 1 At-Risk Villager to Undergo Training in Organic Farming so they are less susceptible to trafficking recruiters

$100 Sponsors the Rescue of 1 Victim of Human Trafficking (note we wait until we accumulate at least $5,000 to rescue groups at one time)

$1,000 Converts an Frontline Officer into Certified and Proficient Counter-Trafficking Agent