A comprehensive training package which can be tailored to the specific needs of rangers and protected areas managers. PROTECT is designed to dramatically improve the security of remaining forest reserves through enhanced patrolling and law enforcement training courses.


The Surviving Together program works closely with protected area managers, rangers, and surrounding communities to address the root causes of environmental degradation, and strengthen conservation protection.


Surviving Together is designed to meet local needs, and invests in existing and emerging leaders in protected areas and communities to ensure better support of sustainable protection systems that can be refined, tailored and replicated.


Our LEGAL Program stands for Law Enforcement, Governance and Legislation. Essentially it’s a capacity building program composed of legal analyses, toolkit development, trainings, in-country missions, and research support to develop strategic remedies for investigating and prosecuting transnational wildlife trafficking in Southeast Asia. LEGAL also coordinates a regional legislation and policy support platform for parliamentarians through the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA), and provides technical assistance to ASEAN in the political securitization process of wildlife and timber trafficking.