Juliana Ferreira

Dr Juliana Machado Ferreira is the Executive Director of the organization Freeland Brasil, the south American branch of Freeland Foundation, an internationally respected counter wildlife and human trafficking organization. Freeland works with governments to protect vulnerable wildlife and people from organized crime and corruption.

Dr Ferreira’s background is in Science. As a white-lab-coat researcher, she completed her Ph.D in Genetics in 2012 (Universidade de Sao Paulo) with the dissertation “Contribution of Population Genetics to the Investigation Efforts on Wildlife Trafficking in Brazil: Development of Microsatellites and Analysis of the Genetic Structure of Paroaria dominicana and Saltator simiis (Aves: Passeriformes: Thraupidae)”. Her main goal in this area is to produce high quality scientific data which can be used in issues involving wildlife trafficking, its prevention and mitigation of its impacts. 


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