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Join us on the frontlines to stop wildlife trafficking & human slavery.  

"Freeland also accepts tax-deductible Stock Donations.

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  1. Big Impact: Any amount you can give helps us make a bigger impact on the frontline.

  2. Minimal effort: Your donation will automatically renew each month, so you can take comfort in knowing your dollars are continually working to make a difference through our frontline staff, without having to remember to make your next contribution.

  3. See Impact in Your Inbox: Each month you’ll receive an update about our programs and a story from the frontline.

Your contribution goes directly to the field to train anti-poaching rangers and rescue victims from human trafficking syndicates.

At Freeland, the cost to continue our frontline fight to stop wildlife trafficking and end human slavery is extensive. Each month we find new ways to train rangers to track poachers, we help villagers build their careers to make them less susceptible to traffickers, and we rescue victims from human trafficking syndicates. 


We need your help to sustain this operation and continue our efforts. Our goal is to have 1,000 Freeland Frontline Champions. Will you join us?


Our Freeland Frontline Champions are a community of compassionate, committed individuals who share in our vision of world free of wildlife trafficking and human slavery. With each monthly donation, our reach and impact has the potential to be amplified. 


By increasing our monthly contributors, we can rely on your donations to strengthen our programs and budget to better plan for future frontline efforts. Together, with your help, we can make bold progress toward our vision.

For questions about our monthly giving program or your individual contribution, email info@freeland.org.

If you’d prefer to not give online, please send checks to:

Friends of Freeland Foundation

PO BOX 522

Green Lake, WI 54941