Army General Exposed and Convicted for Human Trafficking

Freeland's analytics team provided intense on-the-job training with i2 and celebrities to help police identify a large, complex cross-border human trafficking supply chain moving ethnic minority Rohingyas from Myanmar to Thailand and Malaysia. The investigation trail led to a senior Military officer.
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Sex-Trafficking Kingpin Discovered and Convicted: Victims Paid out

Freeland's analytics team collaborated with Thai and Malaysia authorities to identify a sex trafficking operation that was luring young women from Northern Thailand and Vietnam to Kuala Lumpur to work in a brothel.  Victims were rescued, the Kingpin was caught, and he was forced to pay compensation to victims, thanks for Freeland’s intervention.  
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Uzbek Trafficking Supply Chain Exposed and Disrupted

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Freeland’s helped the UN, Thai Police, and IOM discover and break up a large ring trafficking women from Uzbekistan to Southeast Asia and the Middle East.  Victims were rescued, a supply chain was shaken, although other traffickers remain at large.
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National Geographic Documentary, “21st Century Sex Slaves”
TIME Magazine:,8599,2082074,00.html

Burmese Teenagers Freed from Sex Traffickers

Freeland provided information and technical support for a series of raids at brothels in Ranong, Thailand where Burmese girls were put to work as prostitutes under indentured servitude conditions.
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IBM and Freeland to Combat Trafficking through Power of Technology

Freeland winning the fight against human trafficking with IBM i2 intelligence analysis software.

Building a case that law enforcement can pursue against traffickers requires more than just data. With IBM® i2® intelligence analysis software, provided through an IBM Impact Grant, Freeland analysts can transform raw data into powerful visualizations that illuminate underground trafficking networks and provide critical leads to help enforcers save time and lives.
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