60 Minutes Australia: Could the next global pandemic start in these cages?

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Update: November 29,2020

60 Minutes Australia:Exposing a Wildlife market: could the next global pandemic start in these cages?

For all the torment and unprecedented upheaval we’ve endured in 2020, every Australian should also be mightily proud of the way they’ve coped. In decades to come, this year will be remembered as a defining time for the nation. In a special edition of 60 MINUTES, reporters Liam Bartlett, Liz Hayes, Tara Brown, Sarah Abo and Tom Steinfort reflect on a tumultuous year, from the first early reports of a mysterious form of pneumonia striking people down in China to the realisation the world was battling a catastrophic pandemic, the monumental economic implications of the virus, and the frantic race for vaccines. The program includes expert analysis about how far we’ve come, what the road ahead will look like, and why Australia is the envy of the world in terms of overcoming COVID-19’s destruction. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in lockdown at The Lodge in Canberra, also provides the latest information on when an effective vaccine will become available not only for Australians, but also for our Pacific neighbours.