Channel News Asia"The Disease Hunters"

Update: November, 15 2020

Ep 1: Disease Hunters: The Viral Menace

COVID-19 has brought attention back to deadly viruses. Meet hard-working scientists in Singapore and elsewhere racing to identify emerging pathogens, battle existing viruses and co-operate to find urgently-needed treatments and vaccines.

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What may bring the next pandemic?

This 3-part series features “Disease Hunters” on the frontlines as they identify, study or kill infectious diseases, vectors and microbes. It stars leading scientists from Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Japan, Philippines, Iceland, India, UK and USA, and highlights international collaboration and data-sharing as scientists seek to keep pace with potential pathogens. The series also connects today’s outbreaks with historical epidemics and explores factors that may accelerate future outbreaks like human-animal interactions, drug resistance, climate change, urbanisation and globalisation.Through cinematic medical animations, it shows the unseen operations of viruses, bacteria and mosquito-borne diseases, vaccines, antibiotics, bacteriophages and monoclonal antibodies. Diseases discussed include COVID-19 coronavirus, influenza, H1N1 swine flu, polio, superbugs, tuberculosis, malaria and dengue.