Wildlife Identification App Now Available on Apple Devices

Thai law enforcement officials use WildScan to identify an endangered cockatoo during a recent training exercise. Photo: Freeland / Matthew P

WildScan, an app for law enforcement officials and the general public to identify endangered species at risk, or in the process, of being trafficked, is now available for Apple devices.

Previously available for Android devices, and already downloaded more than 1,000 times, Southeast Asia’s first application for species identification is now available for Apple devices too. The development will ensure that the app has far greater reach in the region.

It’s a timely invention. Wildlife trafficking is driving many majestic species towards extinction and the animals being trafficked are often difficult to identify. WildScan helps law enforcement and the general public quickly and easily identify protected species by providing them with photos, vital information and identification clues for more than 350 species.

“This app is a game-changing approach that empowers law enforcers and the public at large across the region to work together and fight back,” said Do Quang Tung, former chairperson of the ASEAN-Wildlife Enforcement Network.

Developed with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) by Freeland, a Bangkok based counter-trafficking organization, the also app contains a list of relevant contacts, instructions for giving basic medical care to injured animals that have been confiscated and a tool to report suspected wildlife crimes. These reports can be forwarded to a local law enforcement agency, allowing anyone to report wildlife crimes wherever they are.

The app has also proven useful to the airline industry. Since it was launched in 2014, law enforcement officials and more than 800 airport and airline staff have attended workshops where they have learned how to use the app to help stop the smuggling of endangered species.

Already available in English, Thai and Vietnamese, WildScan developers are currently planning to expand use of the app in Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia and also release a version in Africa later in the year. Along with the release for Apple devices, the WildScan team updated the Android version to allow for faster downloads and more user-friendly handling.

Download the app today, search WildScan on the App Store or the Play Store or visit www.wildscanapp.org